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Morris Canal Historic Interpretive Signs

Morris Canal Lock 7 West (Bread Lock) (400k PDF)

James Campbell - Canal Boat Captain (500k PDF)

Florence Kuipers Park (400k PDF)

Port Colden (1.3mb PDF)

Port Delaware Arch (700k PDF)

Port Warren Heritage Area (600k PDF)

Religion on the Canal (6.8mb PDF)

Water and the Canal (800k PDF)

Warren County Morris Canal Greenway (7mb PDF)

Lock Street School (700k PDF)

Lock Street Area (7mb PDF)

Morris Canal Plane 9 West Summit (22mb PDF)

Morris Canal Plane 9 West Powerhouse (26mb PDF)

Morris Canal Plane 9 West Turbine and Tailrace (600k PDF)

Morris Canal Plane 10 West (12.4mb PDF)

Andover Morris School and the Morris Canal (300k PDF)

Valley View (Phillipsburg) Concrete Houses (3.2mb PDF)

Railroads in the Phillipsburg and Easton Area (300k PDF)

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Books by James Lee

The Morris Canal-
A Photographic History

morris canal book
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morris canal book

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The National Canal Museum,
Easton, PA

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